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FeiTian’s NFC options provide more features than their non-NFC counterparts, but come with a few downsides.


FIDO2 Certification

Has been certified by the FIDO Alliance as conforming to FIDO2 standards

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HOTP passwords

Supports Hashed One-Time-Password generation

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Management Application

Vendor provides applications that extend or configure the device

Windows management application

Management application runs on Windows

Resident Cryptographic Keys

Supports U2F/WebAuthn discoverable/resident authentication keys

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Resident ECDSA keys

Supports ECDSA discoverable keys

Timed OTP passwords

Supports Time-based One-Time-Password generation

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U2F Authentication

Conforms to the U2F Authenticator/WebAuthn standard

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FeiTian’s NFC offerings bring more to the table than their non-NFC counterparts. Most notably, other than NFC, is a wider support offering for credential storage: These keys support FIDO2 Resident credentials, allowing sites and applications to store more powerful content on them.

Additionally, FeiTian offers SmartCard functionality on these cards as an option that can be customized if you wish.


TOTP and HOTP must be configured through the Windows-only management application.