The U2F Garden

Why use U2F Tokens?

When you log into a website, you’re probably used to using your username and password. Increasingly, however, phishing and other social engineering attacks are getting better and better. In a modern world, hardware security tokens like U2F tokens help keep attackers from taking advantage of us.

What is Two-Factor authentication?

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a way that websites can secure accounts. In order to log in, you must present two forms of authentication:

Security standards organizations like NIST, who set the standards for security in organizations like the Department of Defense and other government organizations have suggested moving away on the reliance on things you memorize, like passwords, and further onto controlled authentication devices.

Why using it matters

By using two forms of authentication, you make it harder for malicious individuals to impersonate you. Website breaches happen on an unfortunately regular basis; websites like Have I Been Pwned have been showing how important it is to choose strong passwords.

But passwords are only one step of a security system.

By using a second factor of authentication, you’re creating a security system, not just a single layer of security.