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TrustKey T110

The TrustKey T110 provides a plethora of options for authenticaiton, including HOTP and TOTP, resident SSH keys, and more, but is hampered by a convoluted management application.

TrustKey T110

FIDO2 Certification

Has been certified by the FIDO Alliance as conforming to FIDO2 standards

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FIDO L1 Certification

Certified by the FIDO Alliance to meet L1 Security Standards

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HOTP passwords

Supports Hashed One-Time-Password generation

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Management Application

Vendor provides applications that extend or configure the device

MacOS management application

Management application runs on MacOS

Windows management application

Management application runs on Windows

Resident Cryptographic Keys

Supports U2F/WebAuthn discoverable/resident authentication keys

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Resident ECDSA keys

Supports ECDSA discoverable keys

Timed OTP passwords

Supports Time-based One-Time-Password generation

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U2F Authentication

Conforms to the U2F Authenticator/WebAuthn standard

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From its feature list, the TrustKey T110 would look like a perfect replaceement for Yubico’s Yubikey. On the surface, that’s correct, but features alone are deceiving.


Accessing HOTP and TOTP values is done through an application, the TrustKey Key manager, that runs on either MacOS or Windows. This application has three main functions:


The TrustKey T110 does support SSH Resident keys, but requires a PIN to be set before the SSH key is added. Failure to do so will result in the key saying it accepted the resident key, but silently dropping it.