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For those willing to do the legwork, a holdable option for wireless authentication.


FIDO2 Certification

Has been certified by the FIDO Alliance as conforming to FIDO2 standards

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FIDO L1 Certification

Certified by the FIDO Alliance to meet L1 Security Standards

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PKCS#11 SmartCard

Conforms to PKCS11 SmartCard interface standards

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U2F Authentication

Conforms to the U2F Authenticator/WebAuthn standard

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GoTrust’s IdemCard is a unique offering. For those who need SmartCard access, this can definitely be an option.

Paired with their IdemKey, the IdemCard makes a great one-two punch solution for securing accounts. The hitch here is that you’ll need to either have a laptop with bluetooth or be able to set up the card with a phone. This means that if you’re using Google’s 2FA, you’ll need to do some legwork. HowToGeek has a comprehensive tutorial on setting up Bluetooth tokens using a phone.

Under Windows, it appears that the Windows Hello FIDO2 interface will recognize this via the SmartCard interface, if you have a reader. Under certain circumstances, Windows may require you to remove and re-insert the card to make sure that you’re human. This behavior has been confirmed to work with Microsoft Edge as of Februrary 2022.

Windows does require a short amount of setup to register the card with Windows Hello Preliminary evidence also says that this potentially disables or changes NFC compatibility. This was reported to @indrora by a friend.

Battery life

Claimed: About 2 months. Included in the box is a USB charger. A standard SmartCard reader will, also, charge it.

Other interfaces not listed

TrustID claims this will work with “everything except FeLiCa” which is a bold claim to make.